Empire Design


Corporate spaces need not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, while enhancing the corporate identity of the company/organisation. Space management, sustainability and overall ambiance play a big role in employee engagement. Setting high luxury standards can further enhance your brand and contribute to the overall performance culture.


Interior design is where life meets art. Part art and part science, the process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research and analysis of the space and integration of this knowledge into the creative process. Humanity is spending more and more time indoors, more than ever we need functional, quality of life enhancing interiors. Interiors need to be a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who use the space. 

We offer home renovations from start to finish, we do everything from building to niche finishes. We also offer home staging services to help you sell your property in record time.


Whether it’s a pop up store or bicycle retail space – we are there to unfold your dream. Using spacial quotient (people flow) and design elements, we create spaces that bring your brand to life. Lighting comes to the fore in retail spaces and with the use of furniture, wallpaper and other components, we create spaces that inspire and create desire.

Covid-19 Space Planning

As companies ramp up operations, bringing people back in waves, their is a need to start implementing changes to reconfigure the workplace. Companies must plan with precision how their indoor spaces facilitate the safety and security of their employees.  Our workspaces are important elements of our company culture as they facilitate critical human connections, but require redesign at this critical juncture.